Head’s Message

A welcome message from the Head Teacher


Hello and welcome to Skilts School website. We have tried to make it as informative but user friendly as possible to enable you to find the information you need. Hopefully you will sense the warmth and supportive ethos the school has taken care to develop.

Being a member of Skilts School means belonging to a community of people who are driven to support one another in challenging circumstances. We provide the best learning experiences possible to teach our youngsters to believe in themselves and try their hardest. We want every pupil to become the “Best they can be”. We celebrate individual successes and achievements and unlock the potential in all children through caring relationships.

Our curriculum ensures basic skills in Maths and English are learned so that our children can use them for practical reasons. We prepare youngsters for a life beyond Skilts ensuring they have the necessary social skills to thrive. Where our input is insufficient on its own, we work alongside other agencies to get the support necessary to ensure our children and your families’ wellbeing is managed.

I hope that for whatever reason you are reading this, be you parent or carer, teacher or inspector, you appreciate the opportunities we give to vulnerable youngsters who need others to believe in them.