School Council

School Council

The School Council is an essential group who are elected to represent the views of all the pupils and to improve our school. It will discuss and sort out problems and is responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed.

It comprises of the Headteacher, a representative from the Domestic and Residential teams and representatives from classes of Year 4, 5 and 6 children. One child is elected, together with a Deputy from each of these classes.

They are elected annually and form the majority of the group. The Council meets each half term and has its’ own budget as well as decision making powers.

Some examples of School Council recent successes include a the design of the VIP and Fun Rooms, input into behaviour rewards and sanctions and the introduction of lunch time activities and clubs.  In addition we have fundraised for nominated Charities namely the Readathon, the NSPCC Number Day and the Samaritans Christmas Purse initiative.

Areas of discussion by the School Council for this forthcoming academic year are:

  • What we need to improve
  • How can we improve teaching/lessons?
  • What can we do for others? ie fundraising, the community
  • Rewards
  • What do new children need to know? ie Children’s Prospectus
  • What we did well as a School Council

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