School Development Plan

School Development Plan

Skilts has had to develop in many areas over the last eight years, due to the lack of existing practice and previous reluctance to change. This has necessitated a lot of new initiatives which have needed time to evolve, embed and for some extinguish as they were not effective.

For the last three years, we have been happy with the vast majority of our curriculum, assessment and delivery basis but have been challenging ourselves to further improve from a basis of existing practice. This position has provided a stability and enabled us to develop with confidence responding to external as well as internal challenges.

To this end we find ourselves demanding even higher standards for teaching and learning, analysis of progress both academically and in areas of behavior.

We have also had to meet the challenge of increasing numbers and developing resources that are the best we can offer our pupils in as safe an environment as we can create.

The four main areas for school development this year are:

1. To manage behavior with increasingly pro-active strategies that are based on data collection and monitoring

Expected outcome: All staff are involved in data collection and production of more specific targets which reduce low level issues escalating.

2. To further improve assessment of pupil progress through increased accountability and monitoring

Expected outcome: Pupil data is used and interventions are put in place to ensure that staff and pupils have high expectations for maximum pupil progress to be achieved.

3. To challenge standards of teaching and learning

Expected outcome: The quality of teaching continues to rise and support maximum pupil progress.

4. To expand the recreational areas of younger pupils due to increased numbers

Expected outcome: An outdoor area is created, using the natural woodland features of the environment. This will provide younger pupil’s opportunities to learn and play in a purpose built safe environment.