SEND Information and Local Offer

SEND Information and Local Offer

From September 2014, all schools are expected to publish information about their provision for special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This includes the ‘Local Offer’, which helps parents/carers understand what services they and their families can expect from a range of local agencies.

For more information about Birmingham’s Local Offer (SEND) please click on the following link:

Key members of Staff:

Mr Dominic Crompton
Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead | 01527 853851 Ext: 202

Mr Heath Mason
Associate Senior Leader | 01527 853851: Ext 212

Miss Clare Redman
Deputy Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead | 01527 853851 Ext 209

Mr Tony Pridding
Head of Care  | 01527 853851: Ext 210

Miss Tracy Handley
Parent Support Advisor | 01527 853851: Ext 205

Careers Education

In our school we want to support our pupils to develop into happy, successful citizens. For them to have a sense of belonging in their community finding rewarding work is important. We do this by giving them a breadth of experiences that include working alongside others in cookery, music technology, forest school, mini enterprise and maintenance. In addition each year a range of outside speakers from a diverse variety of jobs come to school and talk with our pupils about life at work and how they were supported to do the job they do. We also regularly take our pupils out to different work places. They are able to learn about the practical side of doing different types of job e.g trade industries, customer service, catering industry. We have a day dedicated to careers education each term to give our pupils an opportunity to focus on their own aspirations for adulthood. Our Life Long Learning teachers Amy Yates and Kerry Fazey will be able to provide further details upon request.

You can contact them through or

We measure the impact of our careers curriculum through conversations with our pupils prior to their annual review of the EHCP, and through discussions and work produced in our PHSE lessons. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What kinds of Special educational Needs does the school make provision for? What type of provision make and how do they know it works?

Types of need

Social emotional and mental health difficulties

Examples of support in our school

Small classes

High adult to pupil ratios

Personalised targets for pupils

Experienced staff team

Input from other professionals

How we check it is working

Regular assessments of personal targets

Review of Statements/EHCP

Personalised targets and planning for individuals

Staff evaluations of training

Many of our pupils have medical diagnoses including ADHD and ASC which impact on their responses and behaviour.
2) How does the School identify and assess Special Educational Needs?
3) How do the School know how much progress is being made with pupils with Special Educational Needs?
4) Does the School have a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, if so who are they and how can someone get in touch with them?
5) What training does the staff in school have in relation to pupils with Special Educational Needs?
6) How does school get more specialist help for pupils if they need it?
7) How are parents of children and young people with SEND involved in the education of their child?
8) How are pupils with Special Educational Needs involved in their own education?
9) If a parent or a child with SEND has a complaint about the school, how does the governing body deal with the complaint?
10) How does the Governing body involve other people in meeting the needs of pupils with special educational needs including support for their families?
11) Who are the support services that can help parents with pupils who have special educational needs?
12) How do the school support pupils with SEND through Transition?
13) How can parents find the Birmingham Local Authorities Local Offer?