Class Weekly Learning Update

Class Weekly Learning Update

In this Section, you will find details of the current activities of each of the classes within school. This can include what they are currently studying, visitors to school or off-site visits. Follow the links for your child’s teacher.

The school has 10 class groups. The average number in each group is 8 pupils, although this may vary according to the nature of the pupil population at any one time.

All classes have at least one Teaching Assistant and usually two. Children are allocated to classes on an age/ability/need basis, we do try to keep to year groups but this is not always possible or in the best interests of all pupils. Groups are not necessarily static and children can move classes when it is in their interest to do so although we endeavour to work through issues and avoid this instability.

Due to previous intervention strategies the majority of our pupils arrive at Skilts either in year 5 and even year 6 hence usually five of our ten classes are comprise both year 5 and 6 pupils the majority of our pupils are at Skilts for 20 months or less. The level of each group can vary considerably and teachers have to aim their teaching objectives more at the ability level of the pupil rather than their chronological age.
Each child has their own personal login to access Mathletics and Education City in order that they can access work and activities from home.

Similarly our “Good Links for Learning” page gives a list of recommended websites that all children can access for both educational and leisure enjoyment.