Beat the Bullies!

Beat the Bullies!

We aim to keep Skilts School free from bullying

What is bullying?

It is deliberately setting out to make someone else’s life unpleasant. It includes: name calling, threats, teasing which goes on for some time, taking money or food by threats (taxing), racist remarks, sexist remarks, refusing to speak to someone, giving looks meant to intimidate, stealing or hiding the belongings of others, aggressive behaviour in groups or gangs, spreading tales or malicious gossip

What to do about bullying? TELL, TELL, TELL

Tell a friend, tell a teacher, tell a parent, tell another adult. You will be taken seriously and the school will do everything it can to helpyou. You can report bullying to any member of staff

We may ask you to write a statement about what has happened

We may ask you to sign a No Bullying Contract with the person who is bullying which will clearly lay down what the school expects

What will happen to the bully?

Anyone involved in bullying can expect a warning and punishment. Their parents may be involved. They may be required to sign a No Bullying Contract. If they are a persistent bully they will be excluded from Skilts