Help, Advice & Support for Pupils and Families During Covid -19

Help, Advice & Support for Parents/Carers

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Information booklet for parents April 2020 Information booklet for parents April 2020


Support for Pupils and Families During Covid -19


All pupils have been issued with a home learning pack. This was sent out prior to the day of closure and contains several weeks of maths, English and wider curriculum learning activities. Teachers generated personalised learning packs, relevant to pupils academic and interest levels. In addition to this, guidance for parents who have access to online learning has also been provided detailing additional learning that can be accessed via a range of electronic devices. Staff continue to send out work for those parents who have indicated that they require further leaning activities during the regular communication with class staff.


All pupils are receiving a minimum of one call a week from a familiar member of staff. Contact is being made with parents initially and staff are following guidance notes on key questions relating to emotional wellbeing, learning and any additional needs to ensure families feel well supported and concerns can be raised. Staff are speaking directly to pupils during the home contact to ensure they are safe and well and to chat generally as a means of emotional support.

Vulnerable pupils (CP, CIN, LAC) are being contacted by both teachers and DSLs more regularly. All relevant social workers are also being kept informed of contact and are making additional communication and visits to these vulnerable pupils.

Some parents of children with higher profile behavioural difficulties are receiving specialist communication from the pastoral team on a more regular basis. This is providing parents with behaviour management guidance and advice, where pupils are particularly challenging and require a more intense provision and higher levels of emotional resilience.

Children who have been identified by the DSL and deputy DSL as being unsafe at home and are known to children’s services will be risk assessed to access outdoor learning opportunities at the school with familiar staff from the 27.4.20. Families will be carefully selected from categories of vulnerability which includes, domestic violence, physical abuse, neglect and induced or enforced illness. We must reinforce the message that if children can stay at home they should as that is where they are safest.

Staff will be maintaining social distancing and a thorough risk assessment of the likelihood of exposure to the Covid 19 virus will be undertaken before children can access this service. We will continue to offer flexible support and signposting advice for these families.

Home visits/food parcels:

Where pupils have been unable to be contacted, staff members will continue to make home visits to ensure pupils’ safety and provide support for parents. Food parcels have been replaced by the national voucher scheme for families who qualify for free school meals. These will be allocated to families and will continue to be passed on via an email address or to a smart phone via a text message or physically printed off and handed over for those families who don’t have internet access.

Protection and Safety of School Staff:

Any staff making contact with parents/carers using their home or mobile phone are using the ‘hide caller ID’ option to protect their personal contact details when making phone calls. ‘No Reply’ class email addresses have been set up for each teacher to email learning activities and general useful information to parents without having to use their direct work email address. Any communication initiated by a parent is via the enquiry email address or text message to the school messaging system, which then prompts a response from the relevant member of staff.

When visiting families at home to carryout safe and well checks, staff have been following clear guidance. Where families live in a home where the front door cannot be accessed e.g. flat. Staff make a phone call to inform parents that they are at the main entrance to the building. Anything which needs to be delivered is left on the door step to be collected to maintain social distance.

Staff Wellbeing:

Weekly phone calls are being made by SLT to teachers to check on their wellbeing. Teachers are making weekly phone calls to their relevant TAs to ensure they are emotionally safe and well. Any concerns following these calls are to be raised with SLT. Regular SLT meetings are taking place using a video conferencing app.