By following this LINK, you will be directed to a guidance document for families who have autistic dependents which explains how the social distancing rules should apply to them under the current Covid 19 lock down restrictions.

Further resources and information is available by following the links within the document.

By following this LINK, you will be directed to the updated Covid Risk Assessment for full reopening of Skilts School following the second period of lock down.

The SWEET Project Break

Domestic abuse is consistently under-reported, turning to someone for help can be one of the biggest challenges you face. The SWEET project is a non-for-profit Socail Enterprise Organisation, who work with Children & Families providing support based on early and realistic interventions.

Please follow this link for details of the SWEET Project Break & Stay Free Programme


Bright at Night

News Release.

As a school we are getting involved in encouraging kids to stay ‘Bright at Night’.  This is a road safety awareness scheme for primary and secondary school children in the United Kingdom.

Over the years, we have created some great long standing relationships with local people, schools, clubs/initiatives and businesses.

As a school it is important to make ties locally. Working together with local companies, other schools and organisations is great for the community and anything we can do to help is always on our mind.

‘Bright at Night’

As we know during winter months, it goes darker much sooner and as your children are finishing school, reduced visibility does without doubt add to your concerns.

Local coach operator Coach Hire Booking are offering advice to schools and parents on how we can help keep kids stay visible during the winter months and beyond.  They have also offered to sponsor High-Vis vests when the school becomes in short supply. Coach Hire Booking have also recommended, and are happy to supply, Smiley Face Reflectors for both children and teachers upon request.

Children wearing High-Vis tags are proven to be visible up to three times further away than those without them.

The goal is to educate children in road safety awareness, especially during the darker winter months.

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Early Help Group Drop In Session

Once a month on Fridays between 10:30am – 12:30pm, we welcome parents / carers to call into school to chat about any concerns / issues you may be having at home with your child.

We will be trying to offer early help where possible to support you with any concerns you choose to raise with us…

Two members of the Early Help Group will be available, The Early Help Group are:
Tony Pridding, Ann Hewitt and Tracy Handley


Forward Thinking Birmingham

Pause is Forward Thinking Birminghams’ city centre drop-in service, based in Digbeth. They also run a weekly pop-up Pause in Aston.

It’s a little bit different to other mental health services you might have experienced. The best bit about Pause is you don’t need an appointment; you can simply drop in for a chat.

Whatever your reason for coming, whether you’re a little worried about something that’s going on in your life or you just need some space to think, Pause is here for you. Drop in and talk to one of the team, learn a new technique for managing your emotions or simply browse our online self-help materials. Pause is run by our friendly team of therapists, youth workers and volunteers, who are always on hand to lend a listening ear.

Details of the City centre drop in service for Forward Thinking Birmingham can be found by following this link.


Team Teach – Provision for training

We have qualified Team Teach instructors on site at Skilts School who are able to offer training courses, both full and refresher courses.

For further information, please contact Sue Williams at Skilts on 01527 853851 Ext 216 (Seal House).An out of hours/off duty voicemail is in operation so please leave your details, requirements and contact information for a call back.