Residential provision

Residential provision

Residential provision


Skilts has one residential house called Phoenix House that was named by the pupils following a pupil voice meeting. Boys in residence come over to the houses straight from school with their class staff. They are looked after by the team of highly experienced Care Staff, on arrival to the houses all pupils will be encouraged to work on their personal targets, all boys have targets that include some homework.
The boys in the evening follow a system that is also used in the school day where dedicated timetabled sessions are marked Gold/Green/Amber/Red depending on pupil’s engagement and behaviours in the sessions.

These dedicated sessions are:
• Transition from school & settling
• Activity session– free time
• Activity session – Planned Activity
• Personal Development /Mental Health Emotional Learning journal /Homework
• Meal times/Social skills
• Personal Care/ Bedtime Routines
• Waking/Breakfast

Every session has a point’s value to motivate all and the boys work towards set points targets for VIP experiences every Fortnight that they have chosen in their monthly pupil voice meetings with the whole care staff team. Recent experiences and visits have included a Trampoline Park, Imagination St – Soft Play, the Cinema and the Crystal Leisure Water Park & Slides. The boy’s progress and points are displayed on various boards around Phoenix house and the boys take a paper copy of their evening & morning colour grades back to school the next day to share with class staff and parents/carers

Gold-10 points/Green -7 points/ Amber – 4 points/Red-1 point


All pupils in Phoenix House have privacy in their own bedrooms, they are all good sized rooms that vary slightly but are cosy & freshly decorated. The boys personalise their bedrooms so they feel like a home away from home, we encourage them to individualise them with posters or photos, drawings or work from school or home. They also have a variety of toys in their rooms including Lego, Knex and soft toys.
Breakfast is at 8.30 a.m. every morning and the boys can choose between menus that include hot food, toast and cereals, the boys will be walked over to school as transport arrives with all the day boys.

All boys are expected to complete their personal care every evening by having either a bath, shower or good wash before bedtime which is at 8.30 p.m. Children staying in residence will telephone home every evening to speak to their parents or carers, we also have a phone room available for Pupils with a land line and parents will be given a number on which they can contact their children if they wish to do so, we do insist that someone is available for them to have a chat with and discuss their day. There is a member of staff on sleep-in duty every evening, one in each house, so should your child need anything during the night, there will always be somebody there for him.

We tend to do lots of things together, our newly decorated dining room is one dedicated space where we enjoy wonderful food whilst socialising together. The menus are on a 3 weekly basis and the boys help these in regular meetings with the schools catering manager. If the weather is nice we may take the boys out for the evening, to the park or for a walk. There is always a football being kicked around, come rain or shine and we have bikes and go-karts that the boys can use if they want to. During extreme weather and dark nights activities will sometimes be based in the school gym where our staff lead Bench ball, Basketball, Dodgeball and other fun health related activities

All boys enjoy structured planned activities and free play every evening, we positively encourage the building and maintaining of positive peer friendships and enjoying their fantastic redecorated environment that includes a games room that the boys have helped equip after listening to their wishes to develop this dedicated space.

We have barbeques in the summer (and sometimes the winter!) and there is a forested area on site that we regularly take the boys to for them to play hide and seek. This area is a wonderful space for the boys to enjoy the natural habitat and rural countryside where the school is set.

We have plenty of board games and art materials should the boys want to stay indoors and be creative. Cooking sessions with the boys are thoroughly enjoyed by all, we enjoy getting them to sometimes make their own tea and pudding. We also teach them about a healthy balanced eating and lifestyle.

Phoenix house has a PC connected to the school’s filtered internet and the boys have access to PlayStations and an X Box with a choice of age-appropriate games which they can play on – but not for too long! We do have a lot of fun in residence and the children who stay always look forward to their nights, we expect the boys to follow the house expectations and to ‘Go for Gold’ in every session. Our aim is to teach the boys:

o Independence and life skills
o Social skills
o Empathy and understanding
o How to keep themselves safe
o How to behave respectfully towards others
o How to be a good friend
o Be their best & Gold for Gold

We work very closely with parents and carers to achieve the best possible outcomes for the young people we look after, and with this in mind, residential staff will always keep in close contact with whomever is at home to keep them informed and up-to-date on their child’s progress.